I did wheelbase extension of DF-03Ra.

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TAMIYA Team Repsol Mitsubishi Racing LANCER

Tamiya CC-01 Jeep Wrangler YJ and Mitsubishi Pajero - The Wet Trail
Krátké poježdění v parku po celodenním dešti s mým Jeepem Wrangler na upraveném podvozku CC-01 od Tamiye a s kámošovým Mitsubishi Pajerem také na Tamiyackém podvozku CC-01.. __________________________________________ Short run in park after the whole day's rain with my Jeep Wrangler on custom CC-01 chassis from Tamiya and my friend's Mitsubishi Pajero on the same chassis..

Tamiya DF01 Porsche Cayenne and CC01 Pajero
This weekend we made a simple bridge for our 4x4 cars. Great fun to drive and looks great when the cars climb.

tamiya mitsubishi repsol lancer rc
having fun with my mitsi at the vicarage I also do not own any copyright to do with this song or coldplay