INSANE Nitrous Kit for Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 Testing

CMcCane from rides along with Vtom92 in his Nitrous Modded Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L V6. We do two quick pulls on the highway to show the difference in acceleration. His Nitrous setup is using a 50 shot setup.

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04 Mustang Speedo playing with Nitrous
Lots of tire spin, tires are 295/35/18 with about 500 Miles on them. Nitrous hits @ 3,100 and deactivates @ 5,600 RPM's Stock suspension, 75 Shot, 5spd

How To Install A Dry NOS Nitrous Oxide System
This NOS video demonstrates how to install a typical Dry NOS Nitrous oxide system. A Dry NOS system delivers Nitrous oxide to the air intake tube of your engine, while the vehicle's fuel system provides the added fuel. The video demonstrates how to locate, drill and tap the OEM or an aftermarket intake for the NOS nozzle.

Why To *NOT* Buy A Genesis Coupe ?
10 Reasons why you should not buy a 2013 genesis coupe 3.8 r spec. 2 year ownership review of the things I hate about my genesis coupe. Links to Amazon Mods: Side Skirts: Wing Badges: Short Shifter: Downpipes and TP: Lowering Springs: Intake: Rear Tires: Front Tires: Fog Light Tint: HID Kit: HID Relay Harness: Rear Diffuser: Side Skirts: Spoiler: Roof Wrap: BK2 Front Lip: 2.0t turbo kit: ks style front lip: Buy merch: follow me: Instagram @RandomRideZ Music provided by: Free Rap Beats Link to channel: Thanks for Watching Please Like and Subscribe

How to use Nitrous without BLOWING up your engine Innovate PSN-1 PSN1 3893 - Real Street Performance
Everyone wants the cheap and easy power that comes with Nitrous but lots of people avoid it because they are worried about things going wrong, and breaking part. Lots of things can go wrong when using Nitrous but a wideband will almost always read lean as you start getting into trouble. Nitrous would be way less scary if you could just turn the Nitrous off if the engine starts to lean out for some reason. Well Innovate has released a new product that does exactly that. The PSN-1 from Innovate Motorsports is a wideband air fuel ratio gauge, a Nitrous bottle pressure gauge, and a safety device that can save your engine if things go bad. The PSN-1 uses 3 inputs (rpm, bottle pressure, and air fuel ratio) to control 1 output (power relay). The quick explanation of how it works is, if your engine leans out, the controller will turn the Nitrous off. Also the controller won’t allow the Nitrous to turn on till the bottle reaches a minimum bottle pressure to avoid an unbalanced mixture of Nitrous and fuel. And you can set an RPM window for these conditions as well. You get it to turn the Nitrous off by wiring the included relay between the Nitrous solenoids, and their power source. You set the Air Fuel Ratio limit and minimum bottle pressure limit on the gauge. Then if the engine leans out past your set limit, or if the bottle pressure is too low, the controller will tell the relay to cut power to the solenoid, shutting off the Nitrous. This is a genius product that is a no brainer if you are considering using Nitrous. Even if nothing ever goes wrong, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything will be ok even if it does is worth the cost of the gauge several times over. If you have any Nitrous questions, if you’re just getting into Nitrous or if you’ve been using Nitrous but you want to improve your setup…feel free to contact us for free advice. Please subscribe for new Free Information, Tips, Tricks, and Reviews every week. 407-695-7223 407-724-2484 (Cell / Text / Whatsapp) 120 Maritime Dr Sanford FL 32771