2013 World Superbike Championship new Pirelli 17'' tyres

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Sports touring tyres wet weather test
Sports touring tyres are fast becoming the default tyre for UK motorcyclists, from commuters to superbike riders because of two things: instant grip and durability. They can do big miles (as many as old touring tyres) and they'll even handle track days. Crucially for UK riders, sports touring rubber is also the best you can buy for the rain -- only full-on racing wets offer more grip. We tested the latest generation of sports touring tyres back-to-back on Pirelli's wet-weather test track to see which is best. Get all the latest news at http://www.motorcyclenews.com

Pirelli Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire Buyers Guide | ChapMoto.com
http://video.chaparral-racing.com/?v=26661 Watch this video featuring products from Pirelli MT 60-R Corsa Radial Rear Tire, Pirelli Scorpion MT 90/AT Dual Sport Rear Tir, Pirelli Scorpion Trail-S Rear Tire and buy from a large selection on chaparral-racing.com. - Products featured in the video: [1] Pirelli MT 60-R Corsa Radial Rear Tire http://direct-url.com/52J [2] Pirelli Scorpion MT 90/AT Dual Sport Rear Tire http://direct-url.com/RET [3] Pirelli Scorpion Trail-S Rear Tire http://direct-url.com/FjR [4] Pirelli MT21 Front Tire http://direct-url.com/ySu

Pirelli 'The Calendar' 50th Anniversary (2014)
La marca milanesa celebra esta ocasión con diversas propuestas: de las fotos homenaje de Lindbergh y Demarchelier a la exposición histórica organizada en el HangarBicocca, pasando por la recuperación del inédito Calendario Pirelli 1986 de Helmut Newton Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/E7IO/

Primeras impresiones de la prueba realizada de la BMW S1000RR HP4. Prueba completa en el apartado de pruebas de www.super7moto.com