F150 EcoBoost gets over 611 miles on 26 gallon tank - 23.8 MPG

2011 Ford F150 goes 611+ miles on single 26 gallon tank, mixed driving in San Francisco Bay area and Central Valley.

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F150 EcoBoost tank w/ 140 miles towing
Tank includes 140 miles towing 3155 lb. Genie manlift

F150 Ecoboost Real Highway MPG
From Waynesboro to Dulles Intl. Airport, a 74mile trip of mostly highway driving, but a lot of ups and down especially on the I-70 run to Frederick there are two hills to go over, and on RT. 15 there are some ups and downs as you travel towards VA, and there are some stop lights on that road, and I still got 21.3MPG average pushing 65-75MPH when I could. Total round trip after I got home 156 miles cause we stopped to eat. 20.9MPG complete. I am impressed.

REAL WORLD 26 MPG HWY - F150 Ecoboost Lariat 4X4 6.5 Box SCREW - Engine Break In Stage
Just past the engine break in stage, noticed immediate mpg improvement

2012 F150 Ecoboost Towing MPG fuel economy
Quick snapshot towing 6500 lb travel trailer with my 2012 F150 FX4. The average towing MPG is poor in my opinion, 8.5 mpg - roughly. I average 18-20 for daily driving. The power this engine produces is awesome. Accelerating into traffic is never an issue. On our last camping trip in heavy rain I did for the first time Experiance the "limp" mode. This can be a scary situation when pulling into traffic. Checkout my other video - Hearthrob 4" Exhaust http://youtu.be/HPaqSkTmLEA