Ralentí irregular F800

Ralentí inestable al arrancar F800ST en frío. Al calentar el ralentí se vuelve inestable y la moto acaba parándose.

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Solución fallos ralentí y tirones K1200R/S/GT
Una solución muy económica para paliar los tiroenes y fallos de ralentí en los modelos K 1200 del 2005 en adelante, se basa en un postizo para el sensor de oxigeno (lambda) alejando este de los gases de escape y generando más voltage al módulo de control de motor, dejando la relación estequiométrica en 12,6 más menos.

Strange F800GS problem
I recently purchased a G650 XChallenge, so I haven't used my 800GS for about a week. This evening my 800GS didn't want to start. It eventually started when I opened the throttle completely while pressing the starter button, fuel pump and/or pump electronics maybe ? Went for a ride and all was fine, but now every time I start it, it hesitates for a second, whole dash goes dead, then try to spin the dials the wrong way, starts up and then seem to do another "computer check" ? Computer looks a little confused ? Been serviced probably around Feb/March this year .. so according to mileage it says it needs another service, but not due for an "annual service" About 40k miles on the clock. Any ideas ? Maybe jealousy and depressed now that I bought an XChallenge ;) **UPDATE** ... was my stator/alternator in the end not charging the batteries ... more info: http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?t=278225

Problems with my 2012 F 800 GS
just wanted to make a quick video before I got it fixed. I ordered some hard side boxes for it last weekend so I will make a video when they come in. I got them from Twisted Throttle and I got the Pelican cases.

BMW F800GS fallo motor con punta gas
Del 2010, 63000km, reglaje, filtros, bujías de iridium con 25000km en buen estado, limpieza inyección y válvula ralentí. A ralentí bien, pero si acaricias el acelerador pasa eso, en el resto nada. Perdón por el sonido del whatapp, ya es mala suerte jeje