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Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/19/2009

Winged Open Class, Sweet Springs Missouri, September 19, 2009 Sorry about the screaming, this race was intense.


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Open Class Feature 9-10-2011(youtube).wmv
Bill Meredith In-Car from Sweet Springs Raceway Open Class feature 9-10-2011. Started 12th, finished 2nd to Chris Koch #41K. My car was awesome until late laps, then sealed over the left rear tire and got REAL LOOSE.

Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/26/2009
Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/26/2009 This week's poor video taping is due to the taper's skill. It was freezing and my hands were cold.

Sweet Springs non-wing heat race
Sweet Springs raceway non-wing heat race on Sept 26,2009. #21 Austin Kromberg.

Sweet Springs Raceway Multi Flip
Friday, 5/11/2010, in the multi class heat race, at sweet springs raceway, the #4E Steve Eichelberger takes a ride through turns 1 and 2. mediocre abilities to pay attention to what your taping, leads to this crash being hard to see. but you'll see it. trust me.

micro sprint racing at sweet springs mo.
600cc open class heat races

Micro Sprint Heat Race and A-Main FLIP!!!
The flip is at the END This is a heat race at Sweet Springs Raceway, and the A-Main. I do better in the heat, and the track was REAL slick in the main. it was a good night of racin'. My buddy Jake Brewer #22, Crashes. He runs into a car that in the middle of the corner. he hits his car and flips over easily, but hes okay. i think his hand hurt though Filmed by - Mom (Loleita Wood)

Aug 27th Multi Feature Sweet Springs Raceway
Kyle Schlotz 749

Sweet Springs 8-16-08 Non-Wing Feature Race
Saturday night racing from Sweet Springs, MO http://www.sweetspringsraceway.com

Chris Wilson at Sweet Springs ,MO A class micro sprints 08-28-2010_0002.wmv
Micro sprint racing at Sweet Springs,MO A class feature 08/28/2010

A-Class Feature
The A-Class feature race May 17th at Sweet Springs Raceway.

Mini Sprint catches on fire at Sweet Springs Motorcomplex. GoPro 4-21-12
About 1 min and 45 seconds into the race, a car hits the 749 car of Troy Schlotz at Sweet Springs Motorcomplex in Sweet Springs, MO. Shortly after, the motor catches fire. He made it out fine. We got the footage from the GoPro Hero2

Micro Sprint Racing 2009 - Race 4 Life
#3 Jerry McGinnis Non Wing A Feature on Friday night 5.22.09 at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex in Missouri. Top 8 Cars lock into Sunday night main event. Started in 18th position and moved up to 9th at the half way point before things started going bad. First time to race the Sweet Springs track. It was fast and a lot of fun! Met some really nice people while there. We will definitely plan on making the trip in 2010.

flip 26sep09
Non-wing A main at Sweet Springs Raceway on Sept 26, 2009. #21 Austin Kromberg.

Emma Raceway: Clone Medium Feature (2-19-2011)
1st) Brian Nevins ...taken with iPhone.

Non-Wing Heat Race
May 17 Non-Wing heat 2 at Sweet Springs Raceway.

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