Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/19/2009

Winged Open Class, Sweet Springs Missouri, September 19, 2009 Sorry about the screaming, this race was intense.

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KMBZ Glenn Miller U.S. Senate Ad #2
The second vile and racist ad from Missouri candidate for U.S. Senate Glenn Miller.

Micro Sprint Heat Race and A-Main FLIP!!!
The flip is at the END This is a heat race at Sweet Springs Raceway, and the A-Main. I do better in the heat, and the track was REAL slick in the main. it was a good night of racin'. My buddy Jake Brewer #22, Crashes. He runs into a car that in the middle of the corner. he hits his car and flips over easily, but hes okay. i think his hand hurt though Filmed by - Mom (Loleita Wood)

Sweet Springs August 29 2009 Winged Open
Winged Open Class shot with my not so great digital camera, Please excuse the screaming, I got excited.

Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/26/2009
Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/26/2009 This week's poor video taping is due to the taper's skill. It was freezing and my hands were cold.