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Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/19/2009

Winged Open Class, Sweet Springs Missouri, September 19, 2009 Sorry about the screaming, this race was intense.


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Open Class Feature 9-10-2011(youtube).wmv
Bill Meredith In-Car from Sweet Springs Raceway Open Class feature 9-10-2011. Started 12th, finished 2nd to Chris Koch #41K. My car was awesome until late laps, then sealed over the left rear tire and got REAL LOOSE.

Sweet Springs non-wing heat race
Sweet Springs raceway non-wing heat race on Sept 26,2009. #21 Austin Kromberg.

dirt track race/rednecks
Down South

FGR - Sweet Springs 4.19.14 Outlaw Feature
Frank Galusha Wins the opener at SS, MO

Non-Wing Heat Race
May 17 Non-Wing heat 2 at Sweet Springs Raceway.

Chris Wilson at Sweet Springs ,MO A class micro sprints 08-28-2010_0002.wmv
Micro sprint racing at Sweet Springs,MO A class feature 08/28/2010

FGR - Sweet Springs 4.19.14 Outlaw Feature - BumperCam
Frank Galusha Wins the opener at SS, MO

Walk about showin the Sweet Springs motor complex

Aug 27th Multi Feature Sweet Springs Raceway
Kyle Schlotz 749

Micro Sprint Heat Race and A-Main FLIP!!!
The flip is at the END This is a heat race at Sweet Springs Raceway, and the A-Main. I do better in the heat, and the track was REAL slick in the main. it was a good night of racin'. My buddy Jake Brewer #22, Crashes. He runs into a car that in the middle of the corner. he hits his car and flips over easily, but hes okay. i think his hand hurt though Filmed by - Mom (Loleita Wood)

flip 26sep09
Non-wing A main at Sweet Springs Raceway on Sept 26, 2009. #21 Austin Kromberg.

Dirt track Racing Highlights #2
Clips of auto racing Dirt style!!

Sweet Springs 8-16-08 Non-Wing Feature Race
Saturday night racing from Sweet Springs, MO http://www.sweetspringsraceway.com

Sweet Springs JR SPRINT Feature 8.30.2014
On board with Braydon Cromwell

Indoor kart race Emma Winter Classic clone heavy class
This is a helmet cam video of the winter classic kart race on January 1st 2011 in Emma, Missouri. This is myself racing an Infinity Epic kart in the clone heavy class. I was running about 8th or 9th out of 13 or 14 left in the race. There were only a couple laps left when the red number 15 kart slammed into the back of my kart as I was coming up on traffic. The red kart hit me so hard my bumper bent and shot me into the back of Eric Benson's kart. The resulting impact busted my kart's fiberglass nose, bent the inside of my left front wheel, and knocked the tire off the inside wheel's bead. The force of impact on my left front wheel and tire caused my kart to lose the ability to steer sending me into the wall at about half way down the front straightaway. My kart busted the board along the wall and spun me around 180 degrees. One of the karts that was running behind me avoided me the best they could but still ran over the right side of my kart ripping my air filter off and bending my header straight down. Thankfully the kart missed me somehow. My injuries from the wreck are a bruised leg, a couple scrapes, bruised chest, bruised stomach, sour neck, and a very bruised tailbone. The guy that rammed into me had been leading the race but was spun out and sent to the back. I wasn't the only person he ran into during that race. The race promoter argued with me claiming he was a good driver. I strongly disagreed with him explaining that a good driver doesn't ram into people. After the race I tracked down the guy that rammed into me and lost my temper and let him know what I thought of him and his driving ability. Later I apologized for losing my temper. He did say that "if" he was the one who hit me he was sorry. I hope this video is a good demonstration of what rough driving does to people and karts.

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