Sweet Springs Winged Open Racing 9/19/2009

Winged Open Class, Sweet Springs Missouri, September 19, 2009 Sorry about the screaming, this race was intense.

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7-17-2010 Winged Open Racing Sweet Springs MO
Open Class at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex. Watch in HD!

Cole Melby In Car Video 6-13-09
Cole Melby in car from sweet springs raceway multi heat 6-13-09

Sweet Springs non-wing heat race
Sweet Springs raceway non-wing heat race on Sept 26,2009. #21 Austin Kromberg.

Sweet Springs Raceway Multi Flip
Friday, 5/11/2010, in the multi class heat race, at sweet springs raceway, the #4E Steve Eichelberger takes a ride through turns 1 and 2. mediocre abilities to pay attention to what your taping, leads to this crash being hard to see. but you'll see it. trust me.