Buick GP 455 Big Block Turbo vs BPU E55 AMG vs Buick Regal 3 8 Big Turbo

E55 on a 19" street tire for this run.

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sl65 vs buick again. faster then before?
yup that damn buick hauls ass! were comeing back for him in a few weeks.

Mercedes vs. Buick
This is one of my favorite videos on Youtube. It's not me or my Buick, but a re-post from someone else. I'm posting it again only because it had some vulgar language in the original, something I edited out here. Also, the guy that built the engine in this Buick also did some work on the engine in my Buick. =)

12.06 second pass in a Buick 455 4 speed
I duct taped my camera to the seat and rowed gears. Car has gone 11.95 with this setup.

gs 455 twin turbo buick
1/8 barona drags