Buick GP 455 Big Block Turbo vs BPU E55 AMG vs Buick Regal 3 8 Big Turbo

E55 on a 19" street tire for this run.

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Sleeper 98mm Turbo Buick Goes 8.0 & more Turbo Buicks racing
Check out this unassuming Regal T-Type blast off a 8.0 pass and watch the bonus videos for more turbo Buicks getting down the track.

Big Block Buick Regal,464 ci,Stage 1 Level 2A
Built by: TriShield Perfrmance

Dad's '86 Buick Regal w/ Rebuilt '68 Olds 455
He just got a 3:70 posi put in, sum-bitch kick now!!!

E55 AMG vs E55 AMG vs Porsche Turbo
Not sure what the silver E55 had done.