LS1 SS monte carlo with a hand brake 2

just put the hydro hand brake in the monte. messin around trying to get the hang of it

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LS1 6spd. SS Monte. ride clips in hi-def

LS1 Monte SS with a hand brake 1
trying to get the hang of the hand brake in the 85 SS montecarlo with LS1/6 speed. Recorded on November 24, 2011 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Before and after suspension upgrades
First part is my 1985 Monte Carlo SS with stock front springs and control arms and 2" drop spindles up front and 1" drop springs in the rear. 2 part is after adding in Detroit Speed upper control arms and Detroit Speed 2" drop springs and the stock spindles up front and Detroit Speed 2" drop springs in the rear. It may not look a whole lot different at first, but the front geometry is completely changed and the front really sticks now, it's like a completely different car. In fact the back stepped out on me in the first turnaround and completely surprised me...was NOT expecting that. Going to take some getting used to...but I like it a LOT already!!

SS Monte LS1/6speed 1st beating
servin the piss out of my monte to see if anything will break.