LS1 SS monte carlo messing around

Ls1 swap 85 Monte Carlo Ss

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LS1 6spd. SS Monte slidin
nothing going on at 7th so had to make something happen. dude you hear talking the whole time asked me "how much crank did you have to smoke to get that dash in there?"

Monte carlo SS LS1/6speed birth/beating
85 SS montecarlo cross bred with a 99 SS Camaro.

Monte Back in action.....Gbody Drift 2015
sonoma drift 3 11 15 Monte wasnt UMI sway bars contacting spindle at almost full lock no time to correct or swap back, desperate need of a panhard bar and rear upper heim joints(noticed when swapping outers to roto joints, front bobbing like a cadillac, and the 350 i stuck in to get it going pails in comparison to the big block that was in it before. wheel hopping, spin outs and all felt great to be back in the Monte. planning on fixing everything and LS2 before i bust it back out again. he deserves it. and the orange has to go.

1970 ls2 chevelle donut's/power slide's (#1 on youtube!!)
ss shaun's 1970 ls2 powered chevelle doing donuts and power slides. have you ever seen a chevelle do this? i do more than just build these cars. i drive em hard too!