Awesome Hot Wheels Car Ford Falcon Race Car

This racer, made for the Austrian racing circuit, is based on a production Ford Falcon, but stuffed with a 5.0 liter engine, roll cage and aero, for blasting around that Aussie track!

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Hot Wheels 3 pack featuring the Ford Falcon
Looking at the Hot Wheels 3 pack featuring the Ford Falcon "Assisting you with your die-cast purchasing and customizing"

Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks - Part 1
This is a 3 minute long video of a 2,000 feet long powered Hot Wheels Track created to help raise money for charity: If you liked the video but you are not in a position to make a donation, please forward a link to this video to someone you think might like it and also be in a position to make a donation. It would be greatly appreciated.

Hot Wheels Massive Moto Launcher Marvel Captain America Civil War Iron Man
Subscribe to RaceGrooves Marvel Playlist These launchers were $19.99 USD each. The Avengers singles are $4.99 USD each. The 2014 Moto's were $3.99 each. These singles were from 2015: Captain America (Marvel Avengers) Iron Man (Marvel Avengers) Hawkeye (Marvel Avengers) Ultron (Marvel Avengers) These were called MOTO Track Stars in 2014: Bat-Pod (DC Comics, Batman) Howlan Tranz-Blaster Rattle Ripper (Glow-In-The-Dark) Most Hot Wheels models will fit. Split Speeders are too wide and are not compatable. Here's my Split Speeders Ninja Chop review Track Builder Crossroad Crash (jump bridge) Hulk Smash Spinout Hot Wheels Track Set Track Builder Loop Launcher Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

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