David Henrie's New Dodge Challenger

A video of David showing his fans his new car! He also makes a shout out to his official website!

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WOWP, S2E24, "Johnny Can't Skip" Scene
Two funny scenes of Justin Russo being teased by Alex Russo about not knowing how to skip.

Exclusive! Lucy Hale & David Henrie get into argument with friends @ Los Palmas in Hollywood!
Wow we almost had a big fight here!

David Henrie-ON THE BEACH
David Henrie playing vollyball on Balboa Island. Checkin' out hot chick who gave him his ball back.

David Henrie Funny Moments
I realized that there wasn't very many David Henrie videos, so I decided to make one of some of his funny moments! Comment & Enjoy! Clips from That's So Raven & Wizards of Waverly Place (i think thats it)