Nürburgring Shelby GT 500

un giro sulla mitica "Grüne Hölle" Nordschleife 31.10.2010

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Shelby GT500 Super Snake
Driving through New Hampshire

2013-14 Ford Mustang SVT Shelby GT500 Nürburgring Lap
SVTPerformance.com obtained exclusive footage of 2013-14 Ford Mustang SVT Shelby GT500 running a full test lab at The Nürburgring. Check out this article to find out: http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/front-page-news-143/973996-svtp-exclus ive-svts-shelby-gt500-Mustang-takes-nuerburgring.html

Shelby GT500 Reaction WOW!
I take one of my Mustang buddy's (1988 Fox body) for a ride in my 705whp 2008 Shelby GT500 and get his Reaction on the GoPro. WOW!

Mustang on the Autobahn
2004 Mustang GT 40th Anniversary Edition with the 4.6L V8 and the 5 speed manual transmission on a German Autobahn. A44 from Büren junction to the Atuobahn intersection Bad Wünnenberg - Haaren and then on the A33 from the intersection to the Borchen junction.