Enduro Pokal Dachsbach 09

Enduro Race

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Enduro - Ass Whipping
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29-11-2008 Atravessando o Rio do Leco
Galera atravessando o rio do Leco

TOP 60 unsuccessful jumps and falls on a motorcycle | MOTOCROSS FAILS 2016 -=HD=-
Top 60 unsuccessful jumps and falls on a motorcycle (MOTOCROSS FAILS) GoPRO HD 2016 (MX FAILS) (fail army, epic fail). Unsuccessful fall on a motorcycle always lead to injuries! Jumping on a motorcycle is very dangerous. A selection of videos from jumping on a motorcycle (TOP 60 unsuccessful downs) is made for educational purposes. Unsuccessful there of falling due to faulty or motorcycle because of a failed jump. The entire collection of videos shot on GoPRO camera in HD format. Motorcycles participates on the list: ktm, honda, suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha (enduro - dirt bike) Once again, we advise you not to jump on a motorcycle! And for those who are engaged in motocross and wish jumps without falling and failure! GoPRO - action camera, often in Kador camera failures and fall accidents motorcyclists lazhnikov, ssportsmenov Motocross, Motor Cross (motorchisle) - a type of motorcycle sport (motorsport) is a race on a special sports motorcycle carried out on cross-country in a closed circuit with the natural (in the form of steep climbs, descents, turns, ditches, sand, etc. ) and artificial (tables, jumps, bridges rut, off road) obstacles. Top bike: ktm, honda, suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha