So this happened...

The person who was driving this car is by no means a reckless driver. That was a really hard corner to judge entry speed going into, and he simply made a mistake. This just goes to show that AWD isn't *always* invincible...

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2016 SCCA Event #3 CS Win!
45.259 Good for 1st in CS and 15th overall in Pax

SCCA Event 2 - The Watercross 4-17-2016
Didn't fare so well on my almost done RE71's. Came in 3rd of 4 in CS with a 62.424.

Bad Drivers of South Carolina 65
A few things that you would recognize as setting this video apart from the rest in the series: 1.) No Opening Music! I just simply forgot. 2.) It's shorter than my most recent videos! I guess people were driving better this week. There was also a lot of content that I cooked out of here because I deemed it to be 'too dull.' Anyway, this is my sixty fifth edition of my collection of bad drivers in the state of South Carolina. Just some every day stuff that I've collected over a weeks time. Watch some close calls, near misses, red light runners, failure to yields, and much more all captured on my iPhone 4 dash cam.

Custom Valenti Smoked Black Taillight demo
Custom Valenti Smoked Black Tail Light