ARB Twin Compressor Demo

ARB QLD's Roger Vickery demonstrates the power of the new ARB twin motor air compressor on his regular Creek to Coast TV segment. Video footage courtesy of Creek to Coast (

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Air Compressor Shoot Out - Tire Inflation Comparison
In this video we are going to put 4 different tire inflators to the test to see how fast they can fill up a 35” tire from 15 psi to 32 psi. Now it’s probably pretty easy to figure out which one will be fastest and which one will be slowest, But I thought it would be interesting to look at the prices of each compressor compared to how much time you are actually saving airing up. Visit us on: Web: Facebook: Smittybilt Portable #2781: ARB Single CKMA12: ARB Dual CKMTA24: CO2 Tank: CO2 Links: Bottle: Regulator: Flow Regulator: 9-150 fixed: regulator.html For the first test we are using a well-used Smittybilt portable tire inflator model number 2781, this inflator sell for around $159 The benefits of this compressor are its portability and ease of use. It comes in its’ only bag for storage and you don’t have to worry about installing and wiring hard wiring it. It just attaches to your battery with some alligator clips, screw it on to your valve stem and flip the switch and it’s ready to go. Next up is my ARB single piston compressor that I have been using for over a year now. I have it hard mounted and wired under the hood. I love the compact design and reliability I’ve received with the compressor so far. One of the added benefits is you can run your air lockers off this unit as well Up next is my buddies ARB dual piston compressor, which just like the last one works great to inflate your tires and can run your air lockers, but you can also run some air tool off this compressor and they sell a storage tank you can attach to give you even more air output. Last up is a home built CO2 tire inflation system. Now you can buy purpose build tire air bottle, but they will run you $400-600. This system cost just over $230 My friend built this system using a 10lb CO2 bottle from a beverage store and some regulators and attachment that you can find online… I’ll leave links in the description if you are interested. He can inflate all 4 of his 37” tires 4 times, and it only cost him about $20 to recharge the CO2 bottle. We knew this was going to inflate the tire quickly, but we had now idea how fast….

4x4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong PART 2 - What Happens Next?
Get the DVD: ► Part 2 of the original video, this complete segment shows what happened in the lead-up to this mighty bog and how Jase & Simon get out of this scary situation. Official site: Join us on Facebook: See more videos: To subscribe: About All 4 Adventure Series 5: Across the Top ► The complete 5th series of the hit TV show All 4 Adventure follows modern-day adventurers Jason Andrews and Simon Anderson on rugged expeditions far off the beaten track, as they journey across the top of Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef in QLD, to the NT's Western boundary. We bring you gruelling 4WD challenges, spectacular offshore fishing locations, and discovery at every turn. From hidden creeks and billabongs, to historic WW2 plane wrecks, there's always something new to find. With a healthy dose of action, danger, and humour, All 4 Adventure: Across The Top will be an armchair adventure you won't soon forget.

Air Compressor Purchasing Tips
ARB's Matt Frost explains what to look for when purchasing an air compressor for your vehicle. To view the full range of ARB air compressors, visit

Lets Talk ARB Air Compressors
Learn more about the 3 ARB Air Compressors in this quick overview video. More information on the ARB Air Compressor models - Find your nearest ARB 4x4 Accessories distributor -- ARB manufactures Bull Bars, winch compatible replacement front bumpers, ARB rear bumpers with tire carriers, ARB roof racks, ARB Air Locker locking differentials and covers, ARB Rock Sliders, side rails and steps, ARB Freezer Fridges, ARB Air Compressors, ARB Snatch Blocks, ARB Snatch Straps / tow straps, ARB Tree Savers, ARB rooftop tents and awnings. ARB is also the manufacturer of Old Man Emu (OME) Customized Suspension Systems and is the exclusive distributor for IPF Lighting Products and Safari Snorkels in North, Central and South America. For more information, please visit