Ford Focus WRC vs. SLS GT3 feat BMW M1, Porsche GT3, Lancia Delta S4 - Sound Special

Special of the Show race at the Time Attack Frauenfeld. Including some longer Tripod Camera sequences, because we love the sounds there...

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BEST OF Onboard Season 2015, always at the limit! Hillclimb and Slalom in Switzerland
This is the trailer to the DVD "ONBOARD 2015". Duration: 120 minutes, Prix: CHF 39.--, EURO 32.-- Including all Hillclimb with Arosa Historical Event and Slalom Tracks at Swiss Championship 2015: Content: ▪ Thomas Amweg, Formel 3 ▪ Stephan Burri, VW Polo ▪ Willi Jenni, Porsche RSR ▪ Marcel Steiner, Martini MK77 BMW ▪ Thomas Kessler, Mitsubishi EVO ▪ Albin Mächler, BMW M4 ▪ Jürg Aeberhard, BMW M3 DTM ▪ Hansueli Messerli, Opel Kadett GT/E ▪ Frédéric Neff, Porsche 911 GT3 ▪ Aristide Rebord, BMW M3 E92 GT4 ▪ Joël Volluz, Osella FA30 ▪ Martin Bürki, BMW 325 spezial ▪ Sergio Pinto, Mitsubishi EVO ▪ Beat Rohr, Audi 50 ▪ Werner Rohr, Toyota Corolla ▪ Manuel Santonastaso, BMW E21 ▪ Thomas Frei, Opel Kadett C ▪ Roger Schnellmann, Mitsubishi EVO ▪ Christoph Mattmüller, VW Scirocco ▪ Jürg Beiner, BMW M3 GTR ▪ Thomas Zürcher, Renault New Clio ▪ Denis Wolf, Renault Clio Cup ▪ Daniel Wittwer, VW Golf ▪ Roger Waber, BMW M235i ▪ Eric Berguerand, Lola Formel 3000 ▪ René Aeberhardt, BMW Z4 GT3 ▪ René Aeberhardt, Opel Kadett GT/E ▪ Jürg Dürig, BMW 635 Gruppe 2 ▪ Michel Zemp, Seat Leon Cup Racer ▪ Danni Krieg, Audi A4 STW ▪ Marcel Maurer, Formel Renault ▪ Philip Egli, Formel 3 ▪ Simon Wüthrich, VW Golf 4x4 turbo ▪ Andreas Lanz, Toyota Corolla AE86 From Race-Action: ▪ Josef Koch, Opel Kadett GT/E ▪ Dany Kistler, Audi RS4 ▪ Marc Buchsel, VW Polo ▪ Ralf Henggeler, Renault New Clio

RAMPA DA PENHA 2016, What a sound of a Lola T70 V8!
I was there just for the pratice, unfortunately in very bad conditions.

BEST OF Bergrennen Oberhallau 2015, won by Bruno Ianniello and Joel Volluz

Lancia Delta S4 Bergrennen Hillclimb DTM BMW M3 Subida Oberhallau 2005 - Porsche 935 - Gruppe B
Check my channel for Car Sounds Vrchy - Group B Lancia Delta S4 - DTM BMW M3 Fina - DTM Engine sound - Porsche 935 - Group B Rally - Group B Monsters - Hachi Roku Organizer of the race 2005 -