Ford Capri 2.8 doing Burnouts

Ollie from doing burnouts in his 2.8 Ford Capri

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Ford Capri with Holset turbocharger
Holset H1e turbo, Haltech F9, ported head, stock camshaft. Musik from: Dark Tranquillity

grimsby ford capri 2.8
capri 2.8 , taken on 29/3/07,in grimsby

Ford capri 2.8i special power run
A mate's 2.8i on a rolling road,Not bad for a 21 year old car,only running a set of big bore pipes-everything else standard 145 hp @ the wheels

Ford Capri 2,8 l Injection Soundcheck
Ford Capri 2,8 Liter Injection Restauration! Mehrfacher Pokalsieger!