Adam Carolla Racing His Datsun 610 at Fontana

Adam Carolla Racing His Datsun 610 at Fontana Speedway

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Adam Carolla and John Morton Test Drive the BRE1 Datsun 2000 Roadster
CarCast's Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz take Adam's recently restored Datsun 2000 Roadster to Willow Springs race track for a few laps with legendary racer John Morton.

Adam Carolla goes off on Piers Morgan
Adam Carolla was interviewed on a newscast and basically ripped Piers a new one. Larry King also told Piers he oversold himself. Also since so many people ask about the blonde, here is a little bio on her: Jessica Holmes is an anchor for " KTLA Morning News at 9," and reports traffic and news from KTLA HD Telecopter on various occasions. Holmes joined KTLA/CW in November 2005 as weathercaster for the station's "Prime News," after winning "The Audition" --a reality show-style competition held on the Morning News.

Adam Carolla's Bob Sharpe Datsun 610
Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz take a look at the Bob Sharp Datsun 610 back up race car.

Bob Sharp Datsun 610
Time to fire up Adam Carolla's BRE 610 for the first time after swapping the carbs. Rob O'Connell, Shop Foreman at the CarCast Garage, shows us the car.