Subaru WRX street racing- Top Speed Over Hump

Near top speed flying over hump on the way back SIN.Boost 0.5bar...

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street racing in birmingham
street racing a subaru in the wet

WRX vs MS3 Roll and Top Speed Race
1st race from a 40 mph roll to 100mph. 2nd race to top speed, a vette got in the race but it was hard to tape him and myself at 145 mph. Sorry about the blur too. He was between me and the Mazda. Mods of the cars: MS3 is stage 2 with intake and Exhaust. WRX is stage car.

600HP Subaru GETTIN' IT @ Powercruise Houston
This Summer at the 2013 Powercruise Houston, this 600hp AWD Subaru pretty much mopped anything in eye sight! 1320Video went for a ride in this beast as it whoope up on anything and everything! Car built by

25 min of the Best Street Racing Scene Ever + Cops!!
This is just another night out, from start to end. Starts out slow, first 5-10 min might be boring. Everyone asked for longer videos. How does your local street racing scene compare? Subscribe ✔ Like Us On Facebook 👍 Follow Us On Instagram 📷 BAR 🏁