Mazdaspeed6 vs SRT-4

Join From approx 30mph - 100mph SRT4 : GT3076, custom sidewinder manifold, full 3 inch tbe, full fuel upgrades and supporting mods; tuned to 18psi 2006 mazdaspeed 6 : cobb ap, cobb intake / inlet, cpe 3 inch tbe (single / catless), pg v2 manifold), custom fmic, kmd hpfp internals, grimmspeed 3 port ebcs, tuned @ 22psi Both cars on pump 93 octane Sorry for the shitty video quality, I realized it was on the wrong settings after the video

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SRT-4 vs Mazdaspeed 6
My stock turbo SRT-4 vs a Mazdaspeed 6. SRT-4 mods: AEM short ram intake, diablo sport tuned, 3 inch side exit Exhaust no cat no res, AEM wideband, stage 2 wastegate. Mazdaspeed 6: unknown mods.

Mazdaspeed6 vs 350Z
Pete's mazdaspeed6 with few additives vs a 350z who also has minor additives at flashlight drags, PA

FRS vs FRS vs MazdaSpeed 6
Roll Racing In Mexico City

2871 Mazdaspeed 6 vs Tune/Bolt On Evo 8
Each car has a passenger. MS6 has similar setup from before, 21 psi, but bigger D10 meth nozzle to solve fueling issues, 50/50 mix. Also just had new clutch installed, and just crossed 700 mile break in. First runs since install on DD tune. Not much known about the Evo. I believe it is a GSR(?), but driver claims bolt ons and a tune, and mentioned clutch issues after runs. No other details, power figures, track times, etc, you get the idea. 3 1st gear rolls around 20 mph, and 1 2nd gear 40. Kept in SD to preserve size.