1981 Mercedes 300TD TD SD Station Wagon Break W123 Diesel

This 81 Mercedes Benz 300TD Diesel W123 Station Wagon.It is a RARE color to see. You wont find another one like this. These Diesel W123 cars are Indestructible and seem to just Run Forever. The Wagon is likely my Favorite body out of all of them. This is a good running little car. Make sure and check out my Youtube Chanel I have all sorts of Clean Unique & Interesting Muscle, Classic and EURO cars Mostly 1 and 2 Owner cars and i do sell them Cheap check out my website www.Cerealmarshmallows.com and click on Blog you can see alot of my cars and feel free to call anytime Nathan Wratislaw 406 544 6919

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Mercedes Diesel Wagon 1983 TD
This is a 1983 Mercedes TD Station Wagon. 177,000 miles and still strong. The transmission is actually very good but the linkage is bad so the stick shift is loose, very loose =]

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Station Wagon with 184,309 Miles004.AVI

Mercedes Station Wagon Rear Hatch Maintenance: 1975 to 1995 Benz Series Part 7 w/ Kent Bergsma
Older Mercedes station wagons are very popular. You can get a lot of stuff in their with the rear hatch door up and out of the way. But what if you can not get it open or it does not stay up when you do open it. Kent shares a few tips on how to maintain it and help prevent problems down the road. This applies to the W123 240TD, 300TD and 280TE and the W124 300TD, 300TE, and E320TE. Links to the parts and repair kits mentioned in this video New hatch strut installation kit: https://mercedessource.com/store/123-300td-wagon-rear-hatch-tailgate-strut- kit Synthetic grease: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=synthetic%20grease Miracle Paint: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=miracle%20paint Used latch mechanism: https://mercedessource.com/store/123-300td-wagon-rear-hatch-release-and-loc king-mechanism-used Used hatch hinges: https://mercedessource.com/store/123-300td-wagon-left-rear-hatch-hinge-and- shock-used https://mercedessource.com/store/123-300td-wagon-rear-hatch-alignment-plate s-used Other 300TD repair parts: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=300TD This is part seven of a multipart series that Kent will be filming over the next year. He will focus on Mercedes that can be purchased and fixed up to be used as daily drivers. To view the full series click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtRKk64pu2wqUWOXbC9r-akj0xGZnk7QC The models included in this series will be: Late W114 and W115 Chassis Sedans and Coupes: Mercedes 280, Mercedes 280C, Mercedes 240D, Mercedes 300D. Late W116 Sedans: Mercedes 280SE, Mercedes 280SEL, Mercedes 300SD, Mercedes 450SE, Mercedes 450SEL and Mercedes 450SEL 6.9. All W123 Chassis Sedans, Coupes and Wagons: Mercedes 240D, Mercedes 300D, Mercedes 300CD, Mercedes 300TD, Mercedes 230E, Mercedes 280E, Mercedes 280CE, Mercedes 280TE. All 126 Chassis Sedans and Coupes 1981 to 1991: Mercedes 300SD, Mercedes 300SDL, Mercedes 300SE, Mercedes 300SEL, Mercedes 350SD, Mercedes 350SDL, Mercedes 380SE, Mercedes 380SEC, Mercedes 380SEL, Mercedes 420SEL, Mercedes 500SEC, Mercedes 500SEL, Mercedes 560SEC, Mercedes 560SEL. All W201 Chassis Sedans: Mercedes 190D 2.5, Mercedes 190D 2.5, Mercedes 190E 2.3, Mercedes 190E 2.3 16V, Mercedes 190E 2.6. All W124 Sedans, Coupes and Wagons: Mercedes 260E, Mercedes 300E, Mercedes 300D, Mercedes 300TD, Mercedes 300TE, Mercedes 300CE, Mercedes 400E, Mercedes 500E, Mercedes E320, Mercedes E420, Mercedes CE320, Mercedes E300D

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Station Wagon with 184,309 Miles For Sale002.AVI
For Sale by William Donley in Arizona (928) 707-0585.