VTEC Mini Dyno 5.17.08

Free Dyno day on the Dynojet @ DynoMite Tuning. This is the 2nd time this setup has been on the Dyno. The 1st time was on a Dyno Dynamics @ AutoWave which yielded 205.7 WHP and 135.x ft/lb.

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mini vtec 130 mph blast
vtec mini 130 mph

Mini Cooper - Mini VTEC Racing (ASP) FULL HD
http://www.gameanyone.com Check out the ASP's Blog: (http://autoshowcaseproject.blogspot.com/) Auto-Showcase Project presents: Custom Mini Racing, a Mini Cooper with a Mini Honda VTEC engine with the purpose of RACING. Music is provided by LIGHT FEDERATION. Special thanks to Bryant of LIGHT FEDERATION. You can visit LIGHT FEDERATION's SoundCloud Profile here: http://soundcloud.com/light-federation And his DJBeatPort Page here: http://dj.beatport.com/lightfederation If you like custom Mini Coopers, then check this site out: http://www.superfastminis.com Special thanks to the owner of the Mini Cooper for showcasing their car to the ASP. TAGS "Mini Cooper", "Mini VTEC", racing, "Honda VTEC", engine, "Mini Tec", "superfastminis.com" rally, "Austin Cooper", "Morris Mini", ASP, "Auto-Showcase Project", drag, burnout, "LIGHT FEDERATION", electronica, trance Video walkthroughs: http://www.gameanyone.com

mini downunder dyno 179 ATW
Dyno runs

Mini Compilation - Turbocharged A-Series, 16V Honda VTEC, R1 & Hayabusa Engined Minis
This is an EDIT of the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGr4kK... Before anyone says, i removed the music and it sounded rubbish so i've added something different this time: The tune off of the new "Italian Job"