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QandA: Lawyer Jen Robinson responds to call that Assange should 'man up'
WikiLeaks and Julian Assange legal adviser responds to a question about Julian Assange from @SandraEckersley who has campaigned extensively on Twitter against Assange. (ABC Q and A, 11 August 2014)

Wikileaks Secrets and Lies YouTube

Preview: Julian on the Inside
Preview of the new documentary on Julian Assange, "Julian on the Inside", which aired November 13 on NITV.

Q and A: PM Gillard dodges question on Assange
Australian PM Julia Gillard dodges a question from Julian Burnside on whether Australia would demand information from the U.S. on whether they plan to extradite Julian Assange. See Burnside's follow-up here: (5/11) Julian Assange grills Julia Gillard on Q&A: