Truck Trial Milovice Výběr

Tatra vehicles for military and construction sectors are the best terrain trucks in the world from the Czech Republic. výslovnost překladu Tatra has a history and present significant achievements in the Dakar Rally . Czech carmaker LIAZ also disappeared but her car is still fully pres considerable age and this is one of the most successful vehicles for mixed operation in which any mode of transport, in the past mněli vehicles LIAZ considerable success in the Dakar Rally . výslovnost překladu Czech car brand Praga V3S made ​​mainly for military and civilian sectors have great clearness terrain and many of them still serve as a prez in 2012 celebrated 60 years of Praga V3S , currently it is replaced in the Army 810th Tatra výslovnost překladu Then there is the East German IFA and a couple of specials produced for these plants and also the perfect Russian URAL . The vehicles are modified but not fundamentally transformed , even the basic version are almost able to such performances. Tatras are modified for this race only tiny bits and added to the protective frame, the base of the Tatra cars are racing for the whole series and in such a field can completely let go of serial cars TATRA , currently the latest Tatra Phoenix. CZ Truck Triál----

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Truck Trial - Kadan 2014
Kadan 14.06.2014

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345CL Excavator Pulls Out 2 Deere Dozers From a Canal "Stuck?"
We were trying to finish grade the slopes along a new highway when the 650H slid down the slope into the canal and the 750J tried to pull him out, an also fell in. Good thing we had the 345CL there to rip them both out.

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