7.3 turbo whistle

2001 7.3 with a awesome sounding turbo

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Crazy Turbo Geo - Part 2
After much research , we discovered the wiring on these garbage boxes are junk and they corrode from the inside out. Alex did resistance tests on the harness and found massive resistance and voltage drop through out the system.

7.3 Powerstroke whistle w/ wicked wheel
Just listening to my turbo with the wicked wheel installed... Actually the turbo puts out between 21-23 PSI now. And thats not towing. stock turbo with an aftermarket compressor wheel. same wheel as found on the stock turbo of pre 99.5 7.3's. but its an upgrade for the 99.5-2003.5 powerstrokes. quicker spool up, almost eliminates compressor surge, I've heard lower EGT's but im a little skeptical on that. and of course its louder!!

A Serious Turbo Whistle, GOT SMOKE???????????
My 2004 6.0 Letting Out A Little SMOKE... SCT BABY GONE LOONEY...

2003 Ford Powerstroke Diesel 6.0L Insane Turbo Whistle
Some insane turbo whistle from my 2003 6.0L turbo Diesel. Power stance as well.