El Atomo 6.81 @ 203 MPH Pan American Nationals @ Atco Raceway

El Atomo 6.81 @ 203 MPH 7/17/11 17th Annual Pan American Nationals @ Atco Raceway Thanks To www.grs-motorsports.net

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Nyce1s Crash - Pepe Loco Crash @ Atco Raceway June 3rd 2012!!!!
Here is Pepe Loco at Atco Raceway!!! Check it out as the car gets loose and heads for the wall. We are happy to report that the driver was fine. Checkout Nyce1s @ http://www.facebook.com/nyce1s Checkout more videos @ http://www.nyce1s.com/forum !!!

Nyce1s Crash - El Nachi Crash @ Pan American Nationals 2011!!!
Here is a look back at El Nachi's Car crash during the 2011 Atco Pan American Nationals event at Atco Raceway!! Checkout http://www.nyce1s.com/forum for more videos!!!

El Atomo Racing (2JZ Celica) - 6.77 @ 201 MPH VS. Lazcano Racing - 8.82 @ 102 MPH
Puerto Rico Drag Racing! Video by GRS-Motorsports.com & dragtoday.com

Licenciado Racing
Máquina Aceleración Mayo 2011