Cadillac CTS-V Drift In Jeddah

تجربة قيادة كاديلاك CTS ‪-V ‬ ‪مع شركة الجميح - درة العروس

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Car Drifting, Riyadh
car was about to hit me ...

drift in tahlia street درفته في التحلية (HD)
درفته وال عيااااااااال

2016 Cadillac CTS-V - (Track) One Take
The CTS-V is the best American car you can buy right now, period. It may cost $90,000 as tested, but it is fundamentally a bit of nice leather, computers and suede sitting atop a chassis and drivetrain of a pro-grade drift machine. We absolutely love it.

900HP Cadillac Mobster Cts-V Drift Sesh!!!!
Having fun in our 2012 Cts-V Mobster Edition!! A little "blowing off some steam" in our shop car mid winter.... Enjoy!!!