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Grand Vitara 2.7L VS Jeep Wrangler 3.8T

Cochabamba, Bolivia, 1/4 de milla en la de los militares


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Vitara v6 vs JK unlimited
Sto koropi o kiriakos k ego gia rock crawling

Grand Vitara JP Sand Hill Climbing!

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2,7 in mud.avi
Видео про самый "легкий" способ не опоздать на работу. В России пробки на дорогах легче всего преодолеть в объезд. И вообще, все дороги в России лучше объехать :-). OST thanks to: Status Quo - You'll Come Around.

Grand Vitara ESP test on ice & snow
Grand Vitara ESP test on ice & snow

Lancer EVO IX vs Jeep Wrangler Ls3
Jeep wins!! EVO lose!!!

Jeep Rubicon and Toyota FJ Cruiser Off-Road in Hawaii
We witnessed first hand the capabilities of both vehicles on the trails. I'm personally a Toyota guy, having owned several Toyota 4x4s, an FJ and now a Tacoma. They aren't evenly matched because the Jeeps articulation and flexibility with the solid front axle, shorter wheel base and being lighter weight. Driver experience, error and patience were also contributing factors in how each vehicle performed. We didn't create this video to make one seam better than the other. Ohana Trails is a Jeep Club here that we were filming and by chance, a group of FJ Cruiser owners were convoying with them. Unfortunately, we had more video of the Jeeps over the FJ's. All in all it was an epic day up in the mountains at Peacock Flats on Oahu looking over the North Pacific. HD video produced by FreedomRiding.com Music: "Pedestrian" by O-shen

Suzuki Grand Vitara VS pajero sport
Suzuki Grand Vitara VS pajero sport in sand

Suzuki Grand Vitara Vs. Jeep Wrangler | Traffic
Date : 7/7/2012 Car : a 08' Suzuki Grand Vitara with 1.6L I4 Location : Alex. Cairo Desert Road Story : The Blue Jeep Wrangler 3.8 L V6 was outrunning Us Avg. Speed 150 - 160 Kph about 95 - 100 Mph

compare it! Mercedes G Series - Jeep Wrangler | drive it
Most people know soft tops mainly as a feature of sporty convertibles. But some off-road vehicles also offer the open-air option.If you want to take a Mercedes onto wilder terrain, your first choice since 1979 has been the G Class. It hasn't changed much since. Another all-terrain classic is the Jeep Wrangler. Both can be had with a foldable top. Drive it! tested the Jeep Unlimited version with five doors, dispatched both cars into the forest - but also compared their comfort in the more genteel setting of the autobahn.

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L Air Intake Installation
K&N has designed two performance air intake systems for the Jeep Wrangler with 3.8 liter engines. K&N part 63-1553 fits 2011 models and K&N part 57-1553 fits 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 models. They both have aerodynamic non-metallic rotationally molded tubes for smooth air flow. This video demonstrates the steps needed to install these power gaining air intakes into 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler models with the 3.8L engines. Both air intakes gain an estimated 8.17 horsepower at 4807 RPM. Check http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=57-1553 and http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=63-1553 for more info and an up to date list of models this air intake fits Search for your own vehicle's corresponding part here: http://www.KNfilters.com

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2010 - 3.2 vs Jeep Cherokee Limited 99 - 4.0.
الشيروكي يعجبك من الصفر بس بالخط مو ذاك الزود old jeep cherokee still great from zero

Suzuki Grand Vitara vs Cuatirmoto KingQuad
Auto Show Tv te lleva el comparativo entre la Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 4x4 vs Cuatrimoto KingQuad 450.

Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 3.2 test 0-120km エスクード
new version 0-140 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL5z3h7B9A8

Susuki Grand Vitara
Suzuki Grand Vitara Es un vehículo deportivo utilitario de uso urbano, alcanza una velocidad máxima de 198 KPH. cuenta con suspensiones independientes y una caja de 5 velocidades con un motor de V6 con 2.7 litros de cilindrada y una potencia de 187 HP. Su interior es de un espacio agradable, una consola central de color gris, lector mp3 y 6 bocinas; la altura de los asientos permiten una mejor visibilidad.

Grand Vitara Vs. Land Cruiser

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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