1955 Chevy Belair Cold Start test

'55 Chevy from cold start to chirpin' tires. For sale at T and T Auto Sales. More info and more cars can be found at facebook.com/tandtautosales

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57 ice cold start
http://www.youtube.com/maceyofgrandbend 57 chevy been sitting so it time to start it!

1955 Chevrolet with 540 Merlin Big Block 700HP Road Test
Wayne's 55 Chevy was in the shop for a little test and tune. So I grabbed the camera and went for a short test drive. DANG, there was some kind of marathon going on and lots of cars and runners on the road, so I had to take it easy. This is all you get to see on this road test! Engine was built by LJ's Speed and Machine in Napa. I did the install to get it set to go down the road.

55 Belair Chevy 2 door
After a blizzard and an ice storm 2 power outages.. and me gettin a bad tooth pulled,, finally done!

1955 Chevy Belair Old Hotrod from the past
It burns both wide rear tires through 1st gear, most of the way through 2nd on concrete here. I have admired this very car since 1971. It had cragers and fenderwell headers back then so it stood out. I bought it in 1984 and put a 64 SS interior in it and later a big block. In has a 396 muncie 4spd and a 9" rear end with a 3:55 posi. I drove and raced it for many years, on the street and strip. It USED to be one of the fastest street cars around, before NOS and cars got so dang fast. Best 1/4 mile time 13:11, and 1/8 best was 8:03 and that was pretty good back in the day! Almost nothing now LOL