The Cars The Star: DeLorean

The Car's the Star was a BBC series hosted by Quentin Willson. In each episode, a biography of the car described by Willson was interspersed by interviews with the cars' owners. This episode covers the DeLorean DMC-12.

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McLaren F1 -- The Car's The Star
The McLaren F1 featured on "The Car's The Star" on BBC 2. Hosted by Quentin Wilson.

The Bricklin, Documentary
Great documentary of the classic car The Bricklin, manufactured in New Brunswick, Canada in the mid 1970s.

Britain's Greatest Machines with Chris Barrie - 1980's - DeLorean and Sinclair C5
Chris tests out high-speed racing cars in this exploration of 1980's engineering, as British designers got to grips with exciting new technology. Short clip from the episode reviewing the DeLorean DMC-12 and the Sinclair C5 which both have link's back to Colin Chapman's Lotus car company.

Car Crash The DeLorean Story
2004 BBC documentary on the rise and fall of the DeLorean Motor Company.