Eklund racing 2011 teaser

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Tierp Arena, Eklund Racing Audi 27 July 2014
Eklund Racing amazing Audi.... I just love it.

Gold town summer nats 2014 Jens Eklund
Jens eklund körningar under helgen

976hp Jens Eklund`s Audi S4 9,6 sec run
976hp hp Audi S4 Jens Eklund

Worlds fastest Audi? Audi R5 20v A5
A5 dragster with 20v 2.5l engine, and it seems they not at full Boost yet as they making 1.2 60ft and low 8's (almost 7) with only ~2bar (29psi) Boost... I'm pretty sure the engine is build for 3bar+