STW 1997 Lahr

Highlights of 2 very exciting races at the new airfield circuit in Lahr. German Commentary of Stefan Heinrich

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[Video.192] STW Zweibrücken 1998 Race 1 and 2
[Youtube Channel RALLYpèdia & MOTORsport]

STW 1997 Sachsenring
Highlights of round 3 at the Sachsenring. German Commentary of Stefan Heinrich

STW 1997 Norisring - Sprint Race
Highlights of the Sprint Race. German Commentary of Rainer Braun

STW Wunstorf 1998
Zusammenfassung von beide rennen, die letzten rennen in Wunstorf (bei Hannover). kommentar: Uwe Winter highlights of both races, the last races in Wunstorf.