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Check out this sweet, rare white VFR.INTERCEPTOR VFR 700.


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Honda VFR 750F RC24 acceleration and Max speed.

honda vfr700 f2 random cruise
random cruise and a little high speed run

Phlebmasters 86 VFR 750 Evolution- Finished
This project is finished. I have traded for a 1984 Porsche 944....please subscribe to see what I do with that! 1986 Honda VFR 750. I traded an 85 VF500f for this bike back in December 2012. This project took about 5 months to complete and started as a basket case!

Honda 1985 Interceptor 750
Bike For Sale: Honda 1985 Interceptor 750 $2800cnd o.b.o.

Max Biaggi riding his BUELL through the canyon. Kinda cool to see him out.
Ha ha. This is not Biaggi but what the heck is that a Biaggi #3 on the side of that Buell? Cool Video though.

100 cavalli per l'Honda VFR RC 24 del 1987
Circuito di Vallelunga (Roma) Alla frusta il motore della mia Vfr RC 24 del 1987. Anche se ha più di 20 anni sulle spalle e 50.000 Km percorsi ha confermato la potenza dichiarata dalla casa.

Honda Spada Cafe Racer
A little project of mine.

bmw cafe racer vintage Loud 1978 R90S R100/7
Please vote and email this video link to all your friends. I ride this bike everyday. Love the cafe style/life. Hope you enjoy the video.

1987 VFR 700

1985 VF700 Interceptor Exhaust Problem
My Exhaust got LOUD all of the sudden.

7 000 km, 525 litres d'essence, un chargement porté à 472 kilos avec pilote passager et bagages, un train de pneus rincé jusqu'à la corde, la France, l'Espagne, le Maroc, la Mauritanie, voilà le traitement de faveur que nous avons réservé à la nouvelle VFR 1200 F pour savoir ce qu'elle avait vraiment dans le ventre dans sa version 100 chevaux.

1987 VFR700 Ebay Video Part 2
Here is part 2 which shows me starting the bike.

No Harm No Foul
old video on highway 9 in the santa cruz mountains. i was on my 87 VFR 700 chasing down a novice racer on his gixxer 1000

My 1987 Honda VFR700F2
Cobalt racing tail Cobalt racing upper Cobalt racing CF windscreen Cobalt Racing inner panels Lockhart Philips lowers Bikemaster mirrors Lockhart Philips flush mount turn signals Laser Pro D'Or 4-2-1 deeptone Exhaust Custom fabricated muffler K&N air filter Dynojet Stage 2 jet kit Airbox lid drilled and snorkel removed Barnett clutch and springs Fender Eliminator R/R cooling fan and charging system upgrade

Honda VFR 700 RC24 - Shopping cont.
This is another video of my quest to find a decent first bike. Since i have some experience riding my options are a little more diverse. This is a great "first" bike option (cost wise) (not so much for beginners) it's riding position is not too aggressive, it is considered a Sport/Touring bike. This has arguably been one of Honda's all time greatest bikes ever produced and is loved by many enthusiasts. The reason is because of it's versatility, power and reliability, not to mentions it's mean sound. The Exhaust note is really incredible. This is a decent bike and offers any rider comfort, sport and halfway decent fuel economy. Model History/Identification by Steve Fischer In the US, there were three different VFR700 models sold, each with a California variant. The California version is easily identified by the presence of extra plumbing attached to the front head that runs to an AICV diaphragm valve under the right lower fairing (among other various emission control additions). In 1986, the red, white and blue VFR700F was introduced as a tariff-beater for the tax imposed on Japanese imports above 700cc. As I understand it, this tariff was intended to protect Harley-Davidson since their product was over-priced and under-engineered when compared to most imports. The VFR700F looked nearly identical to the VFR750F, but cost some $800 less (in '86 that difference was huge). The 86VFR700F sported the look of the 750, with round instruments (and detachable speedometer). The only cosmetic difference was the lower fairing graphics now read "VFR" as opposed to "VFR 750".

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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