2012 Dodge Charger SRT/8 Super Bee Flowmaster Super 44's Kinney's Custom System

Bold and beautiful 2012 SRT/8 Charger Super Bee with another awesome "Kinney's custom system." We believe that nothing sounds better for this car than what you see and hear in this video. This custom system is truly a perfect match for this SRT/8 and will deliver a rich, deep growl that will turn many heads. The Flowmaster Super 44's are at the heart of this system that exits into a good looking set of 4 inch dual wall stainless steel tips. This unique system has a low level of resonation inside that most customers find to be a non-factor especially with the trade off of such a remarkable exterior tone. All of Kinney's custom systems are built in house with your vehicle present assure precise fit and finish. (Note: this "Kinney's Custom System" sound is the same sound result as on the Challenger SRT/8 applications) Kinney's has been fabricating custom Exhaust for over 30 years and is recognized as one of the top custom Exhaust centers in the nation. Visit our dedicated youtube channel to see why. (click on kirkrob0412 above) or search "Kinney's muffler shop." Be sure to visit our fantastic website too @ kinneysmufflershop.com! "Everyone deserves Kinney's quality" Doing it the right way, since 1978.

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2012 392 super bee resonator delete
Just had my resonators cut off and ran a straight pipe with factory mufflers.

2012 Dodge Ram 5.7 1500 True Dual conversion with Flo~Pro muffler by Kinney's
This Dodge Ram came with the factory dual tailpipe system which just about everyone now knows is only a "cosmetic" dual. The Exhaust system is really a single system that comes with a single muffler that has two outlets and two tailpipes. This is indeed a nice system however produces no function other than a great look. The popular conversion that we do is remove the single muffler and front Exhaust pipe assembly. With strategic cut points at the crossover prior to the "Y" pipe, we are able to create a functional, emission legal and dealer warranty friendly true dual! This gives the truck a great tone and 16 more horsepower! This truck was converted with our most popular muffler option to date, the Flo~Pro crossflow. This unique muffler allows for ideal Exhaust tune and balance due to its internal equalization chamber. Flo~Pro's popularity is based on its unmistakably rugged exterior tone and quiet interior sound levels. Kinney's offers this true dual conversion with three optional mufflers (Flowmaster, Magnaflow and Flo~Pro) All are great choices that produce the same horsepower but with different sounds and sound levels. Kinney's requires your vehicle "in-house" to fabricate your system so call today to schedule your appointment! 817-485-2700. Visit kinneysmufflershop.com to see why Kinney's is the best you can get. Doing performance Exhaust the right way since 1978.

1st Widebody Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee - 26x12 Forgiato Inferno - By: TS Design - TSDIDIT.com
Widebody Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee on 26x12 Forgiato Inferno Wheels Built By: TS Designs Check'em Out www.TSDIDIT.com Like My Page www.facebook.com/SLUNGER786

Charger Super Bee Vs Chrysler SRT8
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