2012 Dodge Charger SRT/8 Super Bee Flowmaster Super 44's Kinney's Custom System

Bold and beautiful 2012 SRT/8 Charger Super Bee with another awesome "Kinney's custom system." We believe that nothing sounds better for this car than what you see and hear in this video. This custom system is truly a perfect match for this SRT/8 and will deliver a rich, deep growl that will turn many heads. The Flowmaster Super 44's are at the heart of this system that exits into a good looking set of 4 inch dual wall stainless steel tips. This unique system has a low level of resonation inside that most customers find to be a non-factor especially with the trade off of such a remarkable exterior tone. All of Kinney's custom systems are built in house with your vehicle present assure precise fit and finish. (Note: this "Kinney's Custom System" sound is the same sound result as on the Challenger SRT/8 applications) Kinney's has been fabricating custom Exhaust for over 30 years and is recognized as one of the top custom Exhaust centers in the nation. Visit our dedicated youtube channel to see why. (click on kirkrob0412 above) or search "Kinney's muffler shop." Be sure to visit our fantastic website too @ kinneysmufflershop.com! "Everyone deserves Kinney's quality" Doing it the right way, since 1978.

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2016 Challenger SRT with Custom Hellcat air induction and Tunnel Ram custom exhaust by Kinney's
America's Favorite custom Exhaust center just won't stop doing the incredible!! This gorgeous plum crazy SRT could not look or sound better! We have yet to see or hear ANYTHING like our Kinney's custom Tunnel Ram systems! With dozens upon dozens of tips options, you simply cannot beat the value of Kinney's! Only Kinney's allows its customers this huge custom library of videos as well as photographs to assist it's customers in making the "perfect" choice. If you can find a custom performance Exhaust this spectacular sounding and looking, buy it! We know you cant. This video also illustrates our unique Hellcat custom cold air induction system. This cool looking and extremely effective system pulls a dramatic amount of air just at standstill. Just imagine the air flow while in motion at high speeds!! Just like the Hellcat! This all 3" system incorporates the factory "power valves" and has no issues with Dodge or check engine lights to fool with. You can expect another 40+ horsepower with this complete package shown! Kinney's fabricates it's high quality systems from stainless steel or 13 gauge aluminized tubing for long lasting durability. These fantastic systems are NOT available online anywhere and NOT sold over the counter. They are however skillfully hand crafted in house with your vehicle here to perfection. Contact us for all the details and visit our nationally recognized website to learn more about our top quality custom performance systems and tips. be sure to like us on facebook to receive our latest promotions and project photos. We do instagram too!! Search #kinneysmufflershop. We do custom performance Exhaust the right way since 1978. www.kinneysmufflershop.com

2013 Dodge Charger Super Bee HEMI SRT8 Test Drive & Muscle Car Video Review
http://www.autobytel.com/dodge/charger/2013/?id=32972 The original Dodge Super Bee dates back to 1968 and came out of the factory packing a huge HEMI V-8 Engine. Now we have this monster 470 horsepower 4-door muscle car. From 2007 - 2009 Dodge produced Super Bee Special Edition SRT8 that added Navigation, Larger Rims, DVD, and some Special Edition Badging. This also raised the price on those models. But for 2013, Dodge is offering a car aimed at the enthusiast. This new Super Bee SRT8 is actually cheaper than the regular SRT8 at $42,250 compared to $45,250. This sweet 4-door muscle car is sure to be a big hit. The 2013 Dodge Charger is the second iteration of the resurrected model. The Charger is a true modern day muscle car since it checks the right boxes; mainly RWD and a huge V-8. In the old days when you owned a muscle car and lifted the hood up, the engine was right in your face in all its glory. Over time it seems auto manufacturers have moved to covering the engine with plastic pieces. Not so with the new Super Bee; the 6.4 liter HEMI V-8 stares back at you. The engine makes 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft. of torque. It is hard to find a car out there that puts out this much power for $42k. All the power needs a good transmission, so rather that use the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission that resides in the base model, Dodge put in a strong 5-speed transmission to handle all the power. Dodge is trying to tie things together as a brand. The Super Bee has a crosshair grille. More vehicles from Dodge have this signature feature. At night the rear LED tail lights really pop. On the inside the Dodge Charger Super Bee the interior is very plain. That keeps the price down but also enthusiasts are not interested in all that stuff. The gauges are unique to the SRT family and the seats have Super Bee trim. About only options on the 2013 Dodge Charger Super Bee SRT8 are the high performance tires and the paddle shifters which are worth every single penny. Overall for the money, the Super Bee is a terrific value. No other car gives you this much power and fun. If you want to have a little fun and make a little noise, this car is the perfect choice. See More Car Videos http://www.autobytel.com/car-videos/?id=32972 Join Our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/autobytel

2013 Dodge Charger RT Flowmaster Force II Exhaust Cat-Back vs Stock
Switched from my Subaru STI to a 2013 Dodge Charger R/T and love it! Installed this Flowmaster Force II Cat-back Exhaust purchased from StreetSideAuto (highly recommended, very fast and free shipping) and I was surprised how much louder it is in person from stock. I had heard people on forums say it was "almost as quiet as stock" but the bass rumble is VERY different. I used the exactly same distance and levels on my audio recorder (Zoom H4N) and you can hear how much louder it is. More mods/videos to come! My wife is 8 months pregnant and refused to participate in this video ;)

2012 Charger SRT8 Custom Exhaust Flowmaster 50 Delta flows by Kinney's
Here is a great way to get maximum performance and great muscle car sound without too much noise. The 50 series flowmasters in this unique Kinney's custom System have a perfect tasteful growl and yet promote a clean inobtrusive interior tone level that is perfect for this touring sedan. The finish point is a mean looking set of our "VIPER" 4 inch satin finish stainless steel tips. We have mastered the art of providing our customers with the specific system they are looking for. Our customer indicated to us that he wanted a clean sporty tone but did not want a loud interior drone. This was our decision mutually to meet his requirements. Kinney's offers dozens of other truly custom options and tip combinations to choose from so visit our website today! Our custom performance systems are available in stainless steel and or heavy duty 14 gauge aluminied steel tubing. Kinney's requires your vehicle in house to build and install all of our unique high quality custom systems so contact us today for your appointment. Be sure to like us on Facebook to reiceve our promotins and recent project completion photos! Doing custom performance Exhaust the right way since 1978. www.kinneysmufflershop.com