MWR34.COM installs Skyline RB20 Huge top mount turbo

Local customer wanted a big upgrade to his 4 dr gts. here it is.... installed at

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MWR34 Walk around video R34 Nissan Skyline Conversion by MWRACING
this was done on a BNR32 chassis, and $20,000 worth of parts/labour/paint just for the conversion.

MWR34 driving video. Just a quick video of the car on the road.
the was at a friend Adon's going away car meet, mostly Z's and G's.

RB20det 08/14/09 Reyler Castro
Great motor, i had a wonderful time drifting with this motor.

Nissan 240SX with 2.0L 6cyl Turbo RB20 burnout
Thanks for watching. Please subscribe. This is my friend, Tom's Nissan 240SX with a modified 2.0L 6 cyl RB20 turbo. He hasn't had it installed long enough to wash his greasy hand prints off of the white paint, much less do any major tuning, but he had to drive it. The parking lot was kind of small and he didn't give it all it had, but you get the picture, it winds up pretty quick.