MWR34.COM installs Skyline RB20 Huge top mount turbo

Local customer wanted a big upgrade to his 4 dr gts. here it is.... installed at

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Matt's R32 Skyline RB20DET half cut starting up
Fresh from the wrecker yard, we start up the RB20DET running straight off the front pipe.

RB20 s13 360whp walk around
Rb20 swapped s13 hatch t60 turbo 750cc injectors romtuned by steve at psiproformance methanol injected stance GR+ coilovers and ruca redone interior and engine is powder coated in a one-off wicked purple by mike at wicked powder coating

This build has been over 2 years planning.. and now near completion... rear end has been fitted... front end is already done... Custom made, only one in Canada... website of build and progress/sales coming soon. WWW.MWR34.COM Starting prices $38,000.00 Dont forget R34 GTR's are not allowed in Canada for another 6 years. This is the ONLY LEGAL WAY to own one. Looks amazing.

800HP MR2 turbo startup
Not my car. MR2 turbo with a HUGE turbo startup and rev.