1982 Fox Mustang w/ 429 Big Block

1982 Ford Fox Body Mustang. 429 Big block under the hood.

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1987 ford mustang big block
Here's my friend's 1987 Ford Mustang, with a 466 big block. Here shown with 3.5" open headers, which will soon be completed with flowmaster Exhaust.

Mustang 501 big block
one of my first runs down the track

Foxtoberfest 2013 - Leaving Show
Fox Mustangs (79-93) leaving Foxtoberfest 2013. This event was held on October 19th 2013 at FMR (Fox Mustang Restoration) in Locust NC, near Charlotte/Concord. Over 150 Fox Mustangs were present, ranging from 4 eyed carbed cars to later model aeronose fuel injected 5.0s. Some of the more rare cars include: Fox LTD wagon w/ big block engine 82 GT Saleen '93 SVT Cobra SVO Early 80's cobra SSP

big block ranger 429
this is my ranger that im putting together.it has a big block 429 in it. its a long ways away from being done. it will be great when it is done.