1982 Fox Mustang w/ 429 Big Block

1982 Ford Fox Body Mustang. 429 Big block under the hood.

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1987 Mustang Fox Body with a 429 Big Block
An old video of my friend's 1987 Fox Body with a 429 big block. Yes it had a big fuel leak while running, but we were 17 years old and dumb.

Mustang 501 big block
one of my first runs down the track

Foxtoberfest 2013 - Leaving Show
Fox Mustangs (79-93) leaving Foxtoberfest 2013. This event was held on October 19th 2013 at FMR (Fox Mustang Restoration) in Locust NC, near Charlotte/Concord. Over 150 Fox Mustangs were present, ranging from 4 eyed carbed cars to later model aeronose fuel injected 5.0s. Some of the more rare cars include: Fox LTD wagon w/ big block engine 82 GT Saleen '93 SVT Cobra SVO Early 80's cobra SSP

1985 Mustang 514 cu in Big Block
1985 Mustang 514 cu in