Barney's Job


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HIMYM - Barney Stinson's Job
I do not own any rights, I couldn't find the whole video, so I just uploaded this one showing Barney Stinson's job. Season 9 Episode 15 - Unpause

Some Great Barney Stinson Moments
Here are some great Barney moments

HIMYM: Barney's Complete History of Sex Partners (with Counter!)
NOTE: Credit goes to VKMTV for the original compilation. We loved it so much, we went ahead and added a counter to keep track of the action! Did they miss anyone? Every single time Barney mentions picking up a chick and "giving her the business" in seasons 1-6, chronicled for your viewing pleasure. Just a few shy of Barney's landmark 200th!

How I Met Your Mother - Bloopers / Behind the Scenes
How I Met Your Mother - Bloopers (Season 1 - 5) It's gonna be legend - wait for it - and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is dairy! :)