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Some Great Barney Stinson Moments
Here are some great Barney moments

Penny and Barney Stinson
This is what happens when Kaley Cuoco meets Barney Stinson Neil Patrick Harris steals 38th Annual People Choice Awards 1 The big bang theory

Barney Stinson knows french - S03E04
Barney being Barney - Season 3 Episode 4

HIMYM: Barney's Complete History of Sex Partners (with Counter!)
NOTE: Credit goes to VKMTV for the original compilation. We loved it so much, we went ahead and added a counter to keep track of the action! Did they miss anyone? Every single time Barney mentions picking up a chick and "giving her the business" in seasons 1-6, chronicled for your viewing pleasure. Just a few shy of Barney's landmark 200th!