redneck mud bogging part 1

mud boggin our lawn mowers we made. West Branch, MI

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redneck mud bogging part 2
mud boggin our lawn mowers we made. West Branch, MI

Upper Bottom Mud Bog
Mud boggin from Upper Bottom Mud Bog

Lawnmower Races---Maple Valley Redneck Racers
Website: ---Maple Valley Redneck Racers lawnmower races at Maple Valley Days 2009. They also have sled pull and mud pit events, but I wasn't able to stay for them.

Tennessee Mini Mud Bog - Lawnmowers and Little Tikes
Noah from Murfreesboro on the John Deere Gator, Tyler on the John Deere tractor, George on another Gator, Rosa in the Jeep. These were just a few who competed in the Ivy Bluff Mini Bog that was the kid's portion of the Ivy Bluff Mud Bog held this Saturday. Kids were revving up their power wheels and had their rubber boots on. The bog was underway! Electronic whizzing could be heard and the kids were having a whole lot of clean fun, even though they were getting a little muddy. The bigger kids had a blast running competing with their lawn tractors. Someone said they bet there were a lot of extra lawn mower decks sitting around where Daddy's and Granddaddy's pulled them off so their kids could compete in the Ivy Bluff Mini Bog! Of course, after the kid's bog, the big trucks ran for prizes. There was a flood watch in Cannon County but that didn't deter the crowd and right after the kid's mini bog people began to break out their umbrellas because it did began to rain. Big trucks with big tires were everywhere. Kenny Buchanan was seen was putting some last minute touches on his Ford bogging truck. JP's Fine Swine had their mobile Pig-A-Que smoking up some delicious burgers and BBQ. A lot of fun was had by all. The mud bogging sport is relatively new and is just beginning to catch on, when others see what a good time it is. Next time, join them. The proceeds from these bogs help many good causes, last time they helped the Mooretown Volunteer Fire Department. Most kids have the Power Wheels and most people have or can get their hands on a lawn mower where the deck has gone bad and still has a good motor. That's a perfect candidate for a bogging mower and better than selling it for scrap. It's a great thing to be able to have a little fun and know you're helping worthwhile causes in Cannon County. Plus showing kids that you can have a great time with the family. Keywords: Little Tikes and lawnmowers, tennessee, mini bog, mud bog