'05 Chrysler Crossfire Base - Amp and rear speaker wiring

General guide on how/where to run wires on an '05 Chrysler Crossfire (base model). Not for total noobies, i.e. doesn't show specifically how to connect wires and what not -- to be used for reference on how / where to run wires.

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Crank Dat (Target Boy)
Hah. I was at work today and heard Crank Dat Soulja Boy in someone's car and this came to me. I didn't do the whole song, I got bored.

Crossfire simple RFID push button start

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Just some highlights of my 11.25 mile paddle from Lake Union to Lake Washington and back. Stopped off at the Arboretum. Few seaplanes in the first couple of minutes and a swamped kayak around 3:55. Today, I realized that I need to practice self-rescue myself. In a Necky Looksha 14, fastest mile was 13:24.

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The news predicted massive winds and power outages. We drove around and documented the horrific results of hurricane Rita in Texarkana, Texas. Back in.. I was 14 or 15 at the time of making this video.