Maxxis Scancovery trial 2012 Racing our Volvo V50 drive e at snow rally rings

This is us driving our Volvo V50 drive E at snow rally rings in Finland. This was a brilliant thing to do. If you have by any chance the opportunity to do this ... don't hesitate it is a once in a lifetime thing to do. The drive E was not the best car to do it but it was a lot of fun we had a great day! Our car had the Maxxis snow tires and they are just PERFECT. Lot's of grip and the only good option to drive on ice (not counting on spike tires)

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Man fristes næsten til at synge Voldsom volvo.. men det var dog et ustyrligt grimt farvevalg.

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Volvo Cars introduced the Volvo V50 at the 2003 Bologna Motor Show as the station wagon version of the Volvo S40 small family car -- manufacturing both models at their facility in Ghent, Belgium. Sharing the Ford C1 platform with the Mazda "3", the V50 features interior "theatre" lighting, a floating center stack and "Volvo Intelligent Vehicle Architecture". The V50 T5 AWD features four-wheel drive and a straight-5 2.5-litre petrol engine with a light-pressure turbocharger, valves per cylinder and a DOHC design with variable camshaft timing -- providing 220 bhp (164 kW; 223 PS) and 320 N·m (236 lb·ft) of torque. Optional in Europe, the 2.4 Litre turbocharged D5 diesel engine provides 180 bhp (134 kW; 182 PS) and 350 N·m (258 lb·ft) of torque. Volvo limits sales of the V50 PZEV cars to states where it is required, including California, Florida, Vermont, Connecticut, Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Washington[1]. Volvo Cars Special Vehicle produced a concept car based on the V50, the V50 SV, whose engine produces 340 hp (254 kW) , and debuted at the 2004 Specialty Equipment Market Association tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada.