Gino Fagnilli Top Sportsman 67 Mustang

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Mike Willi Time Trial at High School Nats

WildFire 1968 1/2 Cobra Jet SS/FA
The SS/FA WildFire Cobra Jet Mustang that won thr 1981 Gator Nationals in SS. I bought this car from the orig. driver Jerry Dick in 1999.

Fagnilli Motorsports
fagnilli family drag racing at pittsburgh raceway park. pittsburgh promods, halloween race. top sportsman

Eddie Buggs 12/18/2000 - 12/28/2013 (revised)
A tribute to Eddie Buggs. We love and miss you baby! I made this tribute for the family and friends of Eddie. I knew him personally. His mother Tiffany was and still is my best friend. We have been through many things together but this is by far the worst. Eddie was just 13 years old when he died of brain and spinal caner just a few days after his birthday and chirstmas. He was an incredible athlete as you will see, with insane interceptions and touch downs, he was definitely a prodigy when it came to sports. He was also great at basket ball, baseball, skateboarding, and everything else. He was an amazing soul as well. He could always light up a room. With his beautiful hazel eyes and amazing smile, he was able to make anyones day brighter. I remember when him and I first met, he was 2 years old. He could speak full sentences just as good as a 7 year old. I always told his mother that he had a very old soul. He wasn't just an amazing athlete, he was smart, funny, caring, kind, and everything else you would ever want from your child. Eddie was born and raised in Sheraden (west end) of Pittsburgh but a few years ago his mother moved to Florida where he blossomed into a beautiful young man. He was loved by so many people. I have never seen such out pour of support and dedication to someone in my life. Eddies wish was to always be featured on ESPN and tons of us friends and family and even strangers did everything we could to start a movement to #geteddingonespn.... Yesterday Jan-14-2014 his wish came true! ESPN featured him as the number one interception on their play backs. He had fans in the room holding up TEAM EDDIE, Team BUGGS, signs. It was truly amazing to see. I know he is looking down on all of us and grateful for everyones help. I hope and pray... in fact I KNOW, that Eddie will not be forgotten! He will always be in our heart and we will continue to keep his memories and legacy alive! To Tiffany, I love you with all of my heart and I am here! To Eddie, continue to watch over you mom and keep being amazing. We love and miss you every day!