turbooptions.com 4 door integra bone stock lsvtec

Bone stock lsvtec on 20 psi c16 fuel. visit turbooptions.com for more videos...

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Ls vtec four door "THE ZACURA"
An integra four door ls vtec custom painted by pureautosports

94 turbo integra 4dr 12.46@112 vs. mustang
bone stock GSR on 15 psi. 25'' M&H's. First time out on slicks, so there is still more in it. Was overall happy with the night, with a best of 12.43 @108 and didn't break anything, even the stock axles! :)

Part 2 of Oakley's 4-door beast. Check out part 1 if you didn't see it. Still a work in progress..

Colder than a Fridge and a FreeSR
What do you get when you build a free car from the ground up? Besides a lot of frustration and a bunch of extra parts? You get a slammed 4 door integra that Jake uses as his daily driver and all around fun car. Throw in some friends and free time and you have the recipe for an integra with no stance and no mercy for the undercarriage. While we were filming for this shoot we ran across some guys practicing on some stunt bikes. Check them out at systematickaos.com/​ . There is even a teddy bear that showed up to join in the fun. Much thanks go out to everyone that helped with this video and the integra project as a whole. Song - Cracks (Flux Pavillion) Facebook - facebook.com/​JAPhotographyOmaha