turbooptions.com 4 door integra bone stock lsvtec

Bone stock lsvtec on 20 psi c16 fuel. visit turbooptions.com for more videos...

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Ls vtec four door "THE ZACURA"
An integra four door ls vtec custom painted by pureautosports

turbooptions.com stickerguy tuned stock k series with juice
Juiced up k series eg 125 shot of nos! turbooptions.com/video for more videos

Part 2 of Oakley's 4-door beast. Check out part 1 if you didn't see it. Still a work in progress..

94 turbo integra 4dr 12.46@112 vs. mustang
bone stock GSR on 15 psi. 25'' M&H's. First time out on slicks, so there is still more in it. Was overall happy with the night, with a best of 12.43 @108 and didn't break anything, even the stock axles! :)