Buick 71 GSX 455 Nice Sound.

Buick GSX 455 Denmarks Finest GSX 455.

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1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 455 Gran Sport Skylark (SOLD) Walk Around Drive - Call Tony 305-988-3092
A Flawless BUICK GSX Stage 1 for Sale In Miami, Florida. (Call Tony 305-988-3092) (SOLD) This 1970 GSX Drives Perfect In Every Way, Steering Wheel Is Tight, Engine Has That Nice Muscle Car Sound To It With The Amazing 455. No Funny or Wierd Noises When Driving or Turning. Fun To Drive With Tons Of Power To The Wheels. Sounds Smooth With Lots of Torque. Fast As Hell.

Buick GSX Run
My son taking his wife for a ride in the GSX

134918 / 1970 Buick GSX
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/kxdcc7q Looking mean and sounding positively evil, this killer GSX was transferred from Smith Buick in Seneca, South Carolina to Lindsey-Hopkins Buick in Marietta, Georgia at the request of a money-wielding Georgia Tech student. That student originally hailed from Long Island and, during one of his trips home, decided to stop by Motion Performance for some choice modifications. And the duo promptly began a life of bare-knuckle pavement domination, eventually becoming legends in the Atlanta street racing scene. Unfortunately, priorities change and, roughly three years into its life, the car was sold to a second owner. Both that owner and its third owner pledged loving restorations which turned into years of parts storage. And finally, circa 2005, an avid Buick enthusiast, and owner of Mariettaà›Rs Then and Now Auto, purchased, researched and restored the car. That restoration was, in typical Then and Now fashion, a highly detailed, rotisserie rebuild. During that rebuild, the carà›Rs body was stripped to bare metal and massaged into better-than-factory alignment. When that alignment was as close to perfect as possible, correct Saturn Yellow was decked in satin stripes, sealed in glossy clear and buffed to a super slick shine. And today, this GSX presents as a no-nonsense classic that turns heads and drops jaws! While the exterior of this A-Body does an excellent job of upholding GM Designà›Rs world-class visuals, the engine compartment is where purists REALLY start to take notice. And for good reason, because the 455 cubic inch V8 thatà›Rs bolted between the carà›Rs freshly detailed fenders is the kind of powerhouse that makes people put up or shut up. Turn the key and a Motion-installed Holley 3-barrel mixes air from a Motion-installed à›Rflyà›Rs eyeà›R air cleaner with fuel thatà›Rs supplied by two electronic, Motion-installed fuel pumps. That air/fuel mixture travels into a Motion-installed Edelbrock B4B intake which, with the help of stock GM internals, creates detuned 9.5 to 1 compression thatà›Rs perfectly compatible with pump gas. Fire for that compression is provided by an Accel distributor, which shoots sparks through Mallory Ramcharger plug wires thanks to an Accel coil and Motion-installed Phase III ignition. Spent gases from that fire are jetted through Motion-installed Mickey Thompson Competition Plus headers. And cooling for that cycle is provided by a factory radiator that circulates water around an old school Frigidaire AC system via pliable hoses and correct tower clamps. As you might imagine, the tweaked 455 needed ample backup to effectively establish street credibility. So, Motion complemented Buickà›Rs already impressive mechanicals with a few choice components. First and foremost, this coupeà›Rs turbo-Hydramatic 3-speed has been hooked to a 12-bolt Chevrolet rear end thatà›Rs fitted with quick, 4.10 gears. Below that drivetrain, a correct Rally Ride Control suspension is supplemented with Hurst shocks and yellow Lakewood ladder bars. Naturally, factory power steering and power front disc and rear drum brakes are present and accounted for. Exhaust flows through Motion-installed pipes and vintage Thrush mufflers. And the big blockà›Rs torque meets the pavement through slick Keystone mags, which spin correct G60-15 Mickey Thompson Indy Profile S/S around Motion-branded spinners. Pop the coupeà›Rs sculpted doors and youà›Rll find a correct Black interior thatà›Rs steeped in subdued tri-shield style. Comfy seats and fade-free door panels mix with a tight headliner and stain-free carpet to provide big-time contrast to the carà›Rs Saturn Yellow exterior. In front of those seats, a straight, Motion-branded dash hangs clean Rally gauges next to a retrofitted radio delete. At the base of that dash, a simple shifter rides inside an ornate console and heavy duty, tri-shield branded floor mats. And in front of the driver, a familiar Buick Rally wheel spins satin-finished spokes around a red-lined horn button. Are you a fan of ultimate Detroit muscle thatà›Rs as pure as it is cool? It just doesnà›Rt get any better than this Motion-modified GSX! Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for your chance to own an incredible classic that features rich provenance and unmatched exclusivity!

Buick GSX
My cousin Frank Mouthaan's totall rebuild Buick GSX. Listen to the great sound of a V8 engine making a burnout from 0-100mls in 10secs.!!!!