Great Car Chase - Italian Style

This six minute car chase from The Master Touch (1972) is one of my favorites with Giuliano Gemma getting chased all over town, including through a cardboard box factory. There's always a cardboard box factory.

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Japanese Movie Car Chase
Taken from the Japanese movie "Kyodan" (1982) The wikipedia Page is here: (thanks to titansilber354e39 and others for providing information) (PS I'm a computer musician, this channel has more to offer. Enjoy!)

Shadows in an Empty Room Car Chase (1976) HD
The car chase from Shadows in an Empty Room (also known as Blazing Magnum or Strange Shadows in an Empty Room) finally in HD featuring a Ford Mustang and Buick Special.

The Master Touch (1972) Car Chase
Quite possibly the most well-known car chase to be uploaded on this channel. ;-) This is from the 1972 Italian/West German production "Un uomo da rispettare", also known as "The Master Touch". We have a fight scene that is immediately followed by one of the 1970s most well-known non-American car chases, where a 1966 Opel Admiral goes after a 1958 2-door Plymouth Belvedere, which frequently changes to a 1960 4-door Dodge Dart with fake tailfins. Continuity wasn't really an issue when they made this... Other than that, the chase is pretty good, or funny, depending on how you look at it.

James Bond 007 - The Spy Who Loved Me - Lotus Esprit Car Chase
A scene from a James Bond featuring Roger Moore movie with an awesome car chase and an underwater scene!