Mazda 323 GTR vs. Honda Civic EK B18c

Mazda 323 GT-R completely stock. Tuned honda EK civic with B18c engine conversion.

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323 GT-R FWD vs Honda Civic turbo at Japmeet 2007 Sweden
60 ft : 2.3 sec (no traction) 1/8 : 8.60/141 kmh 1/4 : 12.95/182 kmh The Honda ran a high 13, so I passed him in the end

Mazda 323 GTR Vs Civic Type R
323 passing a Type R at around 140mph+

Honda Civic VTEC Turbo Compilation
Intro song: Mike Jones - Still Tippin (Instrumental) \\ Outro song: Strobe - Bad Girl German vs Japanese CARS : Toyota Supra MKIV 2JZ : Toyota Supra 2JZ From Hell Ultimate Compilation : Zak Pole - Nissan Skyline R33 :

Mazda 323 GTR 300hp Vs Clio Hybrid 16v
Mazda 323 GTR 4WD 1.8 turbo vs. Clio Hybrid 2.0 Stripped and Raped Williams Engine