Toyota MR2 Turbo Flipped and Rolled on Hill Racing Course

Toyota MR2 turbo Flipped and Rolled on Hill Racing Course

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Redline TV features an MR2 Turbo
A clip from a September 5th, 2006 airing of Redline TV on Speed TV. The episode features a modified blue Toyota MR2 turbo.

MR2 Turbo attacks Duryea Hillclimb
HILLHO.COM (*note:wet conditions) An SCCA time trial event. 2.3 miles with a time of 2.08 (You do the math!) This run is what it should look like; not like vid/clip of the "crash/rollover". Same event; different year, and finished!

Toyota MR2 Turbo Burnout Launches and Crashes Into Cars
Toyota MR2 Burnout Crashes Into Parked Cars. Gratuitous Swearing and Cussing.

How a turbocharger is made
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