Datsun 260Z Racing at 2nd creek raceway in Colorado

2nd Creek Raceway Colorado

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Second Creek Raceway 2005
At the old Second Creek Raceway in 2005.I am in the silver 260Z being hunted down by an M3 and an Evo?

Eugene Bazyl #502 Race 10;10/03/04. Gene Bazyl's epic championship win at Second Creek Raceway
Gene Bazyl #502 Race 10;10/03/04 Gene Bazyl Championship Win at Second Creek Raceway MRA Colorado Race 10 This was Gene Bazyl's epic championship win at Second Creek Raceway. The points battle between Gene and Travis Stephens came down to this one race in novice gto. Motorcycle Roadracing Association Race 10 - Second Creek Raceway Rest in peace buddy.

Dadson Racing - Festival of Sporting Cars - Racing Bathurst in a Datsun 260Z
this is some in car footage of one of my laps around bathurst easter weekend 2008 at the festival of sporting cars race meeting. The class was regularity. the only things i can say: 230K's in a zed is FREAKY! and this track is AWESOME!!!

Dadson Racing - Datsun 260z Eastern Creek Regularity - Wet
My dad's run on sunday in the wet. He didnt nominate a time so started at the back of the grid. A lot of passing and some very fast times in the wet