Superbike Riding at Miller Motorsports Park during World Superbike Races, May 29-31, 2010

Lauryn rides a Yamaha FZ1 piloted by a Yamaha Champions Riding School Instructor. The do a "hot lap" to give the pillion a sense of what the racers feel. She rides the far-sided white/red FZ1 Listen t0 the GYTR canisters wail at the end of the 3000' front straightaway at the very end of the clip!

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Return from Superbike Hot Lap!
Lauryn reaction's after a Miller Motorsports track lap with an Instructor from the Yamaha Champions Riding School, on-board a Yamaha FZ1 superbike.

FZ1 GYTR exhaust
Just put a carbon GYT-R pipe on my new FZ1. Just a short vid to give an idea of the sound.

Yamaha FZ1 Brutal Acceleration from 100 to 200 Kmph. India, Hyderabad.
Yamaha FZ1. My Favourite Super Naked Motorbike. Check out the acceleration in the video; from 100 to 200kmph... Brutal.... 150 Bhp 110 Nm Torque 1000cc Yamaha R1 Engine (Detuned)

fz1 two brother 2.AVI
fazer 1000 Exhaust two brother