Disclaimer: All of this footage is computer generated and enhanced with visual effects... Please do not attempt to try what you see in this video Our friends have a friendly race, and fun in Closed Road.

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Bmw M3 e46 vs Z4M

M Coupe Vs M3 Vs M5
Highway pulls... 40-110mph

BMW M3 Convertible vs. BMW Z4M
This is a video of the BMW Z4M racing against the BMW E46 M3. This is a close race and a good match up. The Z4M has a manual transmission, while the M3 convertible has the SMG gearbox.

350z vs bmw z4 m
War ein weiter Tag auf der Bahn und wir dachten mal lassen wir doch mal mit unserem " Schaf" die Wölfe jagen ;) Das ist das Resultat davon