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Extreme Arctic Cat 1000 Mud Pro

out visiting the guys at carlson sports http://www.facebook.com/CarlsonSports http://www.carlsonsports.com 1-866-472-9212 fax 705-494-9941 damn i want this machine .... check them out guys .


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spring wheeling ... 2 cats, 1 can-am.
a compilation of what we did for the day wheeling . 2005 arctic cat 500 , 2009 arctic cat 550 h1 , 2011 can-am 800 outlander xmr .

2012 1000 wildcat sneak peek
the arctic cat dealership in sturgeon falls http://www.uzdparts.com . saw the 2012 arctic cat 1000 wildcat and had to stop in and take a peek . intro music was created by my friend craig from http://www.youtube.com/theatticaudio Website: http://www.atticaudioproductions.com

old smokey needs valve cover gaskets
valve covers were leaking pretty bad so i had to replace em . was going to change the spark plugs too but they were impossible to get at uugghhh . screw it .... the old ones will do .

500 arctic cat rad relocation @ sirblumpkins
after sooo many overheating issues my buddy dan (sirblumplin) decided to relocate his rad on his 4 wheeler . http://www.youtube.com/sirblumpkin

Arctic cat mud pro 1000 awsome ( test vs) XMR can-am brp
Pierwsza sztuka w Polsce i to w dodatku w Legnicy ma premierę Kotek w oszałamiającym kolorze zielony metalic. Najbogatsza wersja Mud Pro w wersji LONG z osobnym siedzeniem dla pasażera, wspomaganiem kierownicy, podstopniami, snoorklem, wyciagarką Warn, alu felgami, oponami ITP Mud Lite 28 ", wydechem remus i osłonami spodu Ricochet. Silnik to oczywiście V- ałka o pojemności 1000 ccm. Quad ustawiony został na zawieszeniu na najbardziej miękko. prawdopodobnie jest do zdjęcia blokada na napędzie w CVT ale na razie tam nie zaglądałem. Filmik nakręcony dzięki uprzejmości nowego władcy kotka a mianowicie dzięki Woczkowi. Co do wrażeń to już niech napisze jego nowy nabywca Dodam tylko z punktu serwisowego, że ten kociak robiony jest wg starej szkoły tj. rama rurowa, normalna elektryka a nie elektronika, brak wyświetlaczy z błędami, trybu serwisowego, brak potrzeby komputera serwisowego, nic go nie wyłączy po drodze i nic potwora nie zatrzyma - taka alternatywa do wiecie czego Występuje również w wersji krótkiej... Dalszy ciąg testów -- wkrótce

Modded out 2014 Outlander 1000XT, First one out of the PPSM Showroom!
Wanted to get our Custom Snorkels dialed in around the new BRP Rad Kit! This ride is in the showroom here at Pines Power Sports Marine, Prince Albert Saskatchewan!

That's Not Muskeg!!!
Check out http://www.pinespsm.com/ for all your Monster Modded Can-am needs If you like my videos, please thumbs up, comment and share with your buds. Subscribe for more great vids.

2012 Canam Outlander 1000 NON XT, Turned into a Lean Mean Mud Machine
A awesome way to build a mud ATV! Pines Power Sports Marine, Prince Albert Sask: 1st, Start with a base Outlander 1000 2nd, Add only the accessories you want 3rd, Pay a great deal less for one serious Mud Modified Unit! The details on this setup: KI Rad Relocate, Custom Snorkel, HMF Swamp Series Exhaust, Motorsports Alloy 14" Rims, Highlifter Outlaw 2 Tires, 29.5x9.5x14Front, 29.5x11x14Rear, XT Front Bumper, CVTech Air Dam Clutch, Billet Spring Spacers, Fuel Cap Support the Sport and Keep It Alive: Stay on Trail, Obey Local & Provincial Regulations Pack out what you Take in, Thanks PPSM & MechMike

Full Throttle Swamp Riding
If you like my videos please thumbs up, subscribe and share with your buds. If you love killer modded Canams check out pinespsm.com for all your mud addicted needs. They have a full line of custom billet accesories for you Canam mud machines. This video was taken on marked multi-use trails, please do your part to keep ATV'ing sustainable in the future. Please pack out what you pack in and stay on the trails

Cat Play

Ostacruiser's Catvos'd Renegade
Huge thanks to the team at Pines Power Sports Marine for the incredible build, couldn't have been happier with the finished product. Absolute beast of a machine, can't wait to get it dirty!! Be sure to check out http://www.pinespsm.com/ for all your Monster Can-am needs

All Terrain Vehicle That Fits In A Suitcase
ATV Tarus 2M. All-wheel drive two-wheeled motorcycle on low-pressure tires

2015 Can-Am Outlander 1000 6x6 With Martin Motor Sports
More huge news from BRP this year with the introduction of the 2015 Can-Am Outlander 1000 6x6! This machine will be officially released in summer 2014 so stay tuned for all the details. Follow the Martin Motor Sports Facebook page or visit our website at martinmotorsports.ca for more info.

Modded 1000 and 700 MudPros Shredding the Skeg
If you like my videos please comment, rate and subscribe. This video was taken on a marked ATV Trail. Please stay on marked trails and try to minimize your footprint while in the forrest. And always pack out what you pack in.

ARCTIC CAT Front Differential Lock and Can-am Visco-Lok
ARCTIC CAT manually 100% Front Differential Lock versus Can-am automatically Visco-Lok and Visco-Lok QE.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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