Rotary engine 10A+webber

Rotary engine 10A+Webber in Mazda Rx3 S102A

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1973 Mazda RX3 Coupe 10A
After being stored for 18 years then undergoing a complete nut and bolt restoration life is bought back to this classic old school cool car.

10a bridgeport ke30
bit of a video of my car. blame the women camerman for the closeups!

First drive Rx3 10A+webber
Test drive Rx3 10A+webber

yoeys 1979 mazda rx323 12a rotary
12a bridge port, with racing beat ports, 48mm ida, gilmores, s4 gear box, fresh rebuild 500k's, needs to b Dyno tuned.. pink stickerd due to mirror tint's f.t.p, take them off and it will fly through vtnz =)